Deleting Shopify Products with the Bulk Editor

There are cases where you can't bulk delete the exact products from the admin area using Shopify's bulk edit feature.  For example, it's hard to just delete:

  • all products with a price of 0.00
  • all products in a certain collection
  • all products with an inventory level of zero

If you find yourself in a situation like this, what you can do though is use our app to add a 'delete_me' tag to those products and then remove them in the Shopify admin.

With our app you can search for all products with a price, for example $0.00 and then make the edit.

Delete all products with a price of 0.00

  1. Open the Bulk Editor app
  2. Click on Filter Products button, then select the Price filter, choose = so it will display all products with the specific value you enter. After you add the value 0.00, hit the Add filter button.delete_product_price1.png

  3. Then it displays a message with x product match. Click the 'next' to continue.delete_product_price2.png

  4. After you click the Next button, select Tag option for the I want to edit the field, then choose Add tag(s) to products, type in delete_me and hit the Preview Edit button.delete_product_price3.png

  5. A pop-up window with the tags edit will show up and you click on Run Edit button.delete_product_price4.png

  6. Now that we have the delete_me tag assigned to products with price 0.00, we can use the regular Shopify admin to delete these products. Go to the products page of the Shopify admin by clicking the Products link on the left menu. Then, use the Filter Products dropdown to search for all products with the delete_me tag.delete_product_price5.png

  7. Click on the top checkbox to select all products. If you have more than 50 products listed, also click on Select all 50+ products from your store.delete_product_price6.png

  8. Click on the Bulk actions button next to the Edit Products button and choose Delete selected products from the dropdown menu.delete_product_price7.png

  9. Shopify will ask you to confirm that you want to delete your products. If you’re sure you want to proceed, click Delete.delete_product_price8.png

After you click Delete, Shopify will delete the products in the background. Depending on the number of products you have, it might take several minutes for them to disappear from your store.

Delete only duplicated products

You can sometimes use our app for duplicate products with the Handle filter, then choose end with, type in -1, do the edit and that's the way you can remove duplicate products.

Note: There's no easy way to determine duplicates but assuming that your product titles are unique, the handles (this is the URL identifier, like '1lb-bag-of-coffee') for a duplicate product will end with -1 on a new site. We can use that to tag duplicate products for deletion and then delete them.

You can often identify duplicate products by searching for -1.

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