Updating or Reimporting Orders from WooCommerce

Sometimes you might want to reimport orders from WooCommerce to Shopify. This could be the case if you transferred the orders when you begun working on your Shopify site but now want to update everything before launch the site. In this article we'll cover how to do this.


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Notes about Reimporting orders

There's a few things to keep in mind when you reimport orders.

ReImporting Orders is Free

If you've already paid once to import orders it's free to reimport them. 

Different WooCommerce API Credentials

If you've changed or disabled Consumer Secret or Consumer Key that you used to connect to WooCommerce you'll get an error when you try to reimport the orders. To fix this, click on the  Advanced button at the top of the Woo Importer app and enter in the new API credentials.

If the URL to your WooCommerce site has changed send us an email and we'll update the URL for you.

Existing Orders are Replaced

Reimporting orders will not create duplicates but it will replace existing orders imported from WooCommerce. The order number that you see in the admin (for example #101) will be the same after the import but behind the scenes the reimport will:

  1. Delete the existing order
  2. Create a new order in its place

We do this so that all order attributes will update correctly.

Verify Order Notifications are Disabled

As with the initial order import, verify that order notifications are disabled before reimporting the orders.

ReImporting Orders

To reimport orders open up the Woo Importer app. Youl should see a page where you can manage your import:


Scroll down the page until the  Customers & Orders section. Then select Import customers & orders and click on Import customers & orders button:


The app will now download all orders from your WooCommerce site and upload them to Shopify. It will replace existing orders so there's no duplicates:


Once this process is finished, you can find your imported orders under the Orders section of the Shopify admin:


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