Fixing broken links with the Link Editor for Shopify

If you find yourself having incorrect or outdated links in your store which leaves your visitors stuck with a "Page Not Found" error (404 Error) with no idea where to go next, the Link Manager app has the ability to track missing page errors and fix them quickly, but first we need to identify these broken links.

Identifying Broken Links

  • Once you open the Link Manager app, you will see a report of recent 'Page Not Found' errors and how many redirects you have in your shop.
  • If you click on View Errors button, it will show up a list of Missing Page errors where you can fix them by filling out the Redirect To field with the right URL.
  • You can also manage your redirects by clicking on Manage Redirects button.

Fixing Broken Links

Broken links mean less customers. Here are the steps to fix broken links quickly with our app.

  1. Open the Link Manager app
  2. Click on View Errors buttonlink_manager1.png

  3. Fill out the Redirect To field with the correct URL from the right side and then hit the Save button.
    If there are other missing pages listed, do the same thing so all the broken links are fixed.link_manager3.png

  4. You can test the redirect by clicking on glyphicon.pngA new window with the redirect will open.link_manager5.png

Managing Redirects

Our app can also manage your URLs. Here are the instructions on how to manage your redirects:

  1. First, open our app
  2. Click on Manage Redirects button.link_manager6.png

  3. If you see any redirect marked in a red box with a blank field and a notification Unable to sync: path can't be blank, you need to correct it and for this, click on the Edit button from the right side.link_manager7.png

  4. After you fill out the Old Path field with the correct URL, hit the Save button.link_manager8.png

  5. A notification will show up with Edit Complete and you should reload the page to see the changes.link_manager9.png

  6. Once you refresh the page, the redirect will show properly now.link_manager10.png

If there's one or more redirects you do not need anymore, you can simply remove them by marking the checkbox for each one from the left side and then click on the Delete Redirects button.

You'll see a notification with the delete of x redirects in the background.link_manager12.png

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