Using a CSV file to bulk create redirects for Shopify

With Link Manager you can also create and/or edit lots of redirects at once by uploading a CSV file to send your customers to the correct page.

Preparing your CSV file

It's important how to format the CSV file when we create lots of redirects so they will be imported properly. Let's say we need to fix typos for this redirect /shirt and actually it should be /t-shirt.
The 1st column in CSV file will contain /shirt and the 2nd column will be /t-shirt.

Note: The CSV file should have no header row and two columns: the Old URL (first column) and the New URL (second column).bulk_edit_redirects1.pngApply this rule for the other redirects you want to edit/fix and when the CSV file is ready, you can simply import it through our app.

Importing your CSV file

  1. Open the Link Manager app
  2. Click on Manage Redirects button.link_manager6.png

  3. At the top of the screen, click Importbulk_edit_redirects2.png

  4. Then click on Choose File button, pick your CSV file with redirects and hit the Import button.bulk_edit_redirects3.png

  5. A notification will show up with Edit Complete and you should reload the page to see the changes.bulk_edit_redirects4.png

If you want to see the progress, you can look on the redirects page by opening our app - Dashboard.

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