Editing Metafields

The Bulk Product Editor also has the ability to modify metafields but because of how the Shopify API works there's a few limitations.

Defining a Metafield to Edit

Before you can actually edit a metafield, you need to define that field in the Bulk Product Editor. This lets you refer to the same field in different edits and avoids errors in retyping the metafield namespace and name.

To define a custom metafield:

  1. Go to the Settings section of the app and scroll down to the Custom Metafields section
  2. Click on the Add Custom Metafield button
  3. You'll see a new row appear in the table, fill out the Type, Namespace and Key fields and then click Save
Now you can use the metafield like you would other fields in the In-App or Spreadsheet Edit sections of the app.

Metafield Limitations

There's a few limitations to using metafields:
  • If you preview an edit on a metafield you won't see the old value in the preview
  • You won't be able to undo the edit
  • Currently you can only store metafields with the 'string' data type

If you have any questions about these limitations please reach out to us and we'll try to help.

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